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New 1.5million+ Scoville extreme food challenge, set to seriously test chilli-heads!!

Traralgon, Victoria  April 15, 2018:  

This month Arriba Cantina are celebrating their 1st birthday by launching “The World’s Hottest Nachos”, which will put Traralgon on the international map for extreme food challenges.

“The World’s Hottest Nachos” are made using “The World’s Hottest Corn Chips” produced in Australia by Chilli Seed Bank which, on their own, pack a whopping 1.5 million Scoville punch. The melted Mexican cheese, “Dirty” Guacamole, Ghost Chilli Salsa and Devil’s Cream all have special ingredients added to help dial the Scoville level up to 11!

Those who take on the challenge must first sign a waiver and protective gloves must be worn. Participants have 10 minutes to polish off their nachos….however, in order to complete the challenge successfully, participants must survive a 5 minute “Afterburn” period where they cannot not drink any liquids.

And what rewards do successful challengers stand to receive for putting themselves through this culinary hell?

A “The World’s Hottest Nachos” t-shirt, a $25 Arriba Cantina voucher (so that participants can return for a more enjoyable meal!), their photo on the Wall of Flame and whatever social media fame that comes with being the champion of the “The World’s Hottest Nachos”.

The challenge is running for two weeks from Monday April 16 to Monday April 30.

Arriba Cantina is ranked by TripAdvisor as Traralgon’s most popular Mexican restaurant, serving up street food-style tacos, burritos and more!